Conservation is the preservation, protection and restoration of a given interest.
Naankuse Cheethas
There are many types of conservation categories including wildlife conservation, soil conservation and habitat conservation, amongst others. Wildlife conservation in Namibia is one of our most important priorities, as we love the flora and fauna that our ecosystem can support.

If you go anywhere in Namibia, you’re likely to find that some part of the experience involves wildlife conservation in one way shape or form as 42% of the land is dedicated to wildlife conservation initiatives under private or public ownership.


In addition to the wildlife conservation work we support with large ungulates, we also support the ongoing efforts of our research team who implement collaring and monitoring methods of large carnivores on our land. These include caracals, servals, brown hyenas, leopards, and cheetahs. We are home to many orphaned animals, and it is our mission to give them a better future.


At the Naankuse Lodge in Namibia, we primarily support land and wildlife conservation. Our low-impact chalets and villas fit right into the sanctuary backdrop and allow animals, such as giraffe and eland, to live at ease here. These species have been reintroduced at the sanctuary in an effort to build up the biodiversity in the area and restore the population to its natural balance. You can spot these beautiful creatures on any one of our lodge activities and enjoy their magnificence from a safe distance.
If you’d like to be a part of our wildlife conservation efforts in Namibia, please don’t hesitate to contact the fundraising department to sponsor, donate to, or promote the work of our research and wildlife conservation efforts.